Restaurant Point-of-Sale

Enhance table and room service with eZee Restaurant POS

eZee’s Restaurant POS will easily let you manage multitude of food and beverage services at your hotel. The seamlessly integrated solution is easy to implement and manage and is suitable for Restaurants, Bars, Cafe, or any other type of food and beverage service you offer at your hotel. Manage your hotel’s room service, banquet operations and billing operations effortlessly with eZee BurrP!. The intelligent set of reports provide in-depth insight into your restaurant’s performance.

Choose Order Type

Room Service

The seamless integration between Restaurant POS and eZee PMS enables you to access the guest database from the PMS, meaning that you can straight away charge the bill to the guest’s room. You can even set credit limits, settle the payment by directing to the room folio or make direct settlement as per the guest’s request.

Dine In

You can view the seating arrangements in the system, the tables are display live status of individual tables, from reserved, occupied, vacant, unsettled, unclean and more. From here you can even direct your waiting staff by allocating specific table individually and even re-direct table to another waiter in middle of the serving.


Maintain different guest database with complete information of your guests for your regular delivery orders. You can fetch customers’ address with built in map generation capability and route the driver for easy deliveries.

Take Away

Taking care of your take away orders is simplified in the system with features to split, merge or reprint receipts for the orders. Guest check function allows you to easily settle orders.

Kitchen Display System

Regardless of what the order type is, the kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System. The KDS displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen, ensuring that your staff do not miss any orders or double order an item leading to wastage.

Kiosk Mode

Empower your guests giving them the freedom to place their own orders the way they want, guests can easily select items, apply item modifiers, and confirm orders in Kiosk Mode. This not only speeds up the service but save costs on labor and is perfect for restaurants which thrive on fast and efficient service.

The final and the most critical process for every food and beverage establishment and the one which will leave a lasting impression on the guests. Between orders and meals, there are many requests or change in orders, and Restaurant POS from eZee, manages the process without any hiccups making billing process effortless for your team and the guests.

Billing Operations

Add/Void Items

No one order is the same, guest can change their minds and ask for an item to be removed or added to the order. You do not have to create a new bill in any such requests, and you can simply add or void the item to the same bill. All of the voided items are recorded in the system and can be viewed anytime in reports. In addition, you can set SMS notification for the operation, so whenever an item is voided or added, you instantly get a message on your phone.

Split Bills

One of the most common requests by guests is to split the bill and such requests can come at any time. The Restaurant POS makes it easy to split the bills as per guests requirements, you have the freedom to split the bill amount wise, item wide and even allocate specific amount to different bills.

Payment Preferences

Payment is made easier than ever by allowing you to settle bills by multiple payment options like Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card and Loyalty/Reward Points. For regular guests you can add the bill to credit account and even add to the room folio of in-house guests. Furthermore, you can even edit tax for the bill or exempt the bill from any tax at the time of the settlement. eZee POS is interfaced with many number of payment gateways and third party loyalty systems available in the industry.

Menu Management and Item Modifiers

Create Multiple Menus

Create and manage multiple number of menus as per your requirements with complete freedom to customize individual menu item group, menu items and even item modifiers for each item. Once set, you can easily switch between different menu types as the day goes, you can have a breakfast buffet menu in the mornings for your guest and switch to your regular menu during lunch and dinner.

Order Customization with Item Modifiers

Taking orders in the system is a bliss, the bifurcated menu items and categories makes it easy for you to go back and forth between different menu sections and adding items to the order. Modify each item ordered with item modifiers as per the guests’ request and create various combos.

Different Menus, Different Rates and Taxes

Having different menu types and items, managing different rates and taxes can be a cumbersome task. To make things more simple and straight forward, you can set different rates and taxes for different items. You can add up to 5 different rates for an individual item as per location for efficient track of stock and inventory. Set different rates for Dine In, Room Service, Take Away and Delivery orders and even set different item category wise taxes by setting up 4 different tax rates in the system. As per your setting you can set different rates of Happy Hours and Special Price, which automatically changes as per set Day, Date and even Time.

Depending on your food and beverage establishment, you can create as many as menus you require with each menu having its own menu groups, menu sub groups, item types, groups, rates and items modifiers. The system keeps complete track of orders, Item Recipes created in the system also ensures that the consumption is tracked accurately as stock and inventory is updated in real time.

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The sophisticated inventory and stock management module lets you efficiently manage the stock, decrease wastage and track items. The advance tracking and reports keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost saving decisions.

Inventory and Stock Management

Real-Time Inventory

View real-time inventory and ingredient levels in your stock room, the levels you see are always up-to-date as the system automatically changes various stock and inventory as per consumption. To give you more control, in case of any discrepancies, you can even manually edit as per the consumption. The system also keeps track of intermediate and manufacturing items.

Set Stock Levels

Set minimum and maximum levels item wise, when the level reaches the threshold in either of the scenarios, the system will alert you ensuring that you are never overstock or understock.

Initiate Transfer of Items

From the module itself, you can initiate transfers of items and stock between different sub stores or departments from the main stock room. This keeps you up with the demands of different requirements coming from various stores.

Inventory and Stock Rates

You can set up various rates for different stock items and as there are variety of items and to make the calculations easier, you can set up rates according to last purchase, average and weighted average.

Enhance your Dining Experience with iMenu

Bid farewell to the traditional paper menu, the dynamic new digital restaurant menu is here now. Packed with numerous robust features, eZee’s tablet menu is user-friendly and offers a superior integration with Restaurant POS. Digitalizing your restaurant’s traditional menu, iMenu is an interactive new app that engages guest with the restaurant more than ever.

Increase Revenue

Increase your average bill value by up selling items, specials, etc. by promoting them with pictures and up-to-date information.

Speed Up Service

Automated process allows your staff to attend and service your guests more efficiently increasing the rotation of customers per table and less waiting time for the customers.

Customize and Reorganize

Restaurants get complete freedom to change the content of the menu at any time according to changing requirements. Menu style, items and overall menu can be edited and modified without worrying about additional cost traditionally associated with printing paper menus.

Promote in Style

Promote specials with vivid HD pictures and new menu items allowing your customers to know the latest offerings from your restaurant.

Customer Experience

Offer your customers menu with vivid pictures, food descriptions, etc. giving them a fresh and unique interactive experience.

Offline Mode

eZee iMenu gives restaurants liberty to use the online application even without being constantly connected to internet. Particularity helpful in case of downtime error or connectivity issues at the premises.

Multi-Language Support

The default language for eZee iMenu is English. However, the online menu is available in numerous regional languages like French, Arabic, Portuguese and Vietnamese. According the guest preference, the user can easily change the language of the digital menu at any time.

Waiter/Guest Mode

The digital tablet menu works on dual mode - Waiter and Guest mode. The waiter mode allows the waiter/server to place the guest orders on the tablet menu, while the guest mode offers the guest convenience to directly place the order from the on table tablet.

POS Integration

eZee iMenu can be synchronized with the restaurant’s POS, as a result any changes made on the POS menu are immediately reflected on the digital menu. eZee iMenu seamlessly integrated with eZee restaurant POS as well as has the possibilities to interface with majority of other restaurant POS available in the market.

Order/Item Remarks

eZee’s digital tablet menu allows the guest or waiter to add special remark on ordered item. This can include special requests like adding extra chilly or avoiding salt in items ordered. Additionally, these remarks can include requests on individual items or it can common across the entire order.

Quick Search

The quick search option in eZee iMenu allows the guest and the staff to rapidly search for a specific item they are looking from various sub-menu items instead of lengthy manual search.

Table Reservation Management

The dine in view provides complete picture of your restaurant’s floor highlighting status of tables which are reserved, waited on and transactions which are under process. This makes it easy for you to reserve the table for your in house guests and charging them directly to their room folio.

Banquet Management

If your hotel hosts regular events, the Banquet Management module is a perfect for running all your banquet related operations. The module lets you create packages, define separate menu, buffet management, planning invoice and payment of conference packages, taking care of everything from planning of the event all the way till its successful conclusion.

Payroll Module

Track and manage your staff’s attendance, schedule, short breaks, leave and other activities from the system. You can even create and manage different pay heads for accurately calculating salary and pay slips.

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