Private label Solution

Market eZee Hotel Software using your brand value in your region.

eZee FrontDesk is the only Hotel Management System which allows complete private label solutions to our resellers. Private label solutions means the software looks as if developed by you. You name the product, your company details, your logo.

The popular eZee FrontDesk is available in different countries by different name. eZee FrontDesk OEM versions include HSmart, Frontdesk 360, iZZie FrontDesk and more.

For your branded version of our software, you are free to sell it however you see fit to it. Your sales choices are not restricted in any way, which means you can set your own price for the software and keep all the profits. You can even sell it as a white label OEM if you are providing the computer hardware solutions to your clients.

The only restrictions here is that you wont be provided with the software source code and the software license generation rights still remains to us.

Private Label Benefits

  • Your clients knows you the best. So your brand name gives you more sales and fast turn around
  • Free to set your own price for the software, support, upgrades and maintenance
  • Make your brand name stronger by adding internationally acclaimed software in your profile
  • Your client remains yours for life time
  • Special consideration for new features requested by your clients
  • Prompt support
  • Peace of Mind

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